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Rent a car from trusted hands Questions by phone: +370 670 63319
rent a microbus Opel Vivaro Travel with all your friends. Rent an Opel Vivaro.
rent a miniven VW Touran Don't contribute space for economy. Rent a VW Touran.
rent a Subaru Forester No mater what whether. Rent a Subaru Forester.
rent a Mercedes Benz A class Be smarter: rent diesel Mercedes Benz A class.

Car Rental In Kaunas

Opel Corsa 1,3L 2010y. 10 €/day
Audi a3 1,9L 2007y. 14 €/day
Seat leon 1,9L 2007y. 11 €/day
Skoda fabia 1,4L 2011y. 10 €/day
Volkswagen Touran 1,9L 2010y. 13 €/day
Audi A6 1,9L 2001y. 7 €/day

About us

JSC "Auto14A" its a cars rent, trade and parking company. We are based in the heart of the automotive buisness in Lithuania - Kaunas automobile market. Here you can view, evaluate, bargain and make ta little technical inspection of the car you liked. Renting a car from us you can always be sure that you'll get a reliable and good car.

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